christian traeumer & michael pena teens wanna know

Michael Manuel Pena and Christian Traeumer

Peña Talent & Productions is currently shooting our newest project, an entertainment news program called Teens Wanna Know.

The show features both up-and-coming and established young talent, former child actors, and adults working in youth entertainment. Each episode, which runs approximately 5 minutes in length, is hosted by one of the Peña kids (Michael, Nathaniel or Keira), who interview each guest about their experiences in show business, past, current and future projects, and any charitable or community activities each is involved in. The goal is to counter the negative, scandal-filled press with some positive news about the entertainment industry, while highlighting the great work each performer does.

Episodes will air on Youtube and be featured on popular fan website Teen Stars Online, with the first episode slated to run in August.

Publicists, managers & agents: If you are interested in having one of your clients interviewed on our news program, please drop us a line at with their info, such as  resume/IMDB page, headshot, links to their website and/or video channels, and a note telling us why they would make a good fit for the show. All guests receive credit.

We are ESPECIALLY interested in talent that are positive role models, such as donating their time at homeless shelters or otherwise participating in humanitarian/charitable works. This is a great opportunity to connect with new fans and publicize their work, while sending out a positive message.

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